About Our Grants

Our Farm Grant program supports economic development in our community by distributing grants directly to local farms to fund specific projects.  The goal of the grants is to help small farms in Mendocino and Lake Counties succeed and increase participation in our community’s food system, and to support a resilient agricultural community in the face of the Covid-19 Pandemic and the ever-increasing impacts of wildfires and climate change. Strong candidates demonstrate environmentally beneficial practices, maximize food production for local consumption, and prioritize providing affordable food for underserved members of our community.

In 2020, the Good Farm Fund awarded $90,000 in grants to Mendocino and Lake County farms.

–2020 Farm Grant Awardees–

Big Mesa Farm – Irrigation System Improvements
Boonville Barn Collective – Commercial Vacuum Sealer
Buttercup Compost Lab + New Agrarian Pastures – Farmstand Upgrades
Cerro Negro – Biodegradable Strawberry Packaging
Cinnamon Bear Farm – BCS Tractor and Implements
Coming Home to Country – Chicken Coop
Edenberry Farm – Irrigation System Improvements
Good Things Farm – Beehives
Heal Thyself Gardens – Rabbit Production Expenses
Irene’s Garden – Commercial Dehydrators
Mendocino Grain Project – Grain Cleaning Equipment
Mulligan Gardens – Mushroom Production Equipment
Nature’s Tune Farm – Organic Compost
No Bull Ranch Beekeeping – Expansion into New Apiary
Open Circle Seeds – Seed Drying Room
Oz Farm – New Land into Production for Education & Donations
Peace & Plenty Farm – Produce Storage Room
Rancho Los Amigos – Chicken Production Expenses
Shear Mendocino – Mobile Sheep Shearing Equipment
The Forest People – Irrigation Supplies for Mushroom Production
Wavelength Farm – Compost Tea Bubbler
Wildheart Farm – Water Tanks

–2018 Farm Grant Awardees —

–2019 Farm Grant Awardees —

Bee Collective  – community beekeeping gear
Big Mesa Farm – cold storage
Buttercup Compost Lab – shipping for worm bin
Cerro Negro – commercial refrigerator
Covelo Organics – front loader for tractor
Natural Products of Boonville & The Forest People – autoclave sterilizer
Nature’s Tune – upgrade irrigation system (emitter tape)

Mulligan Garden – WIC bedding chopper for mushroom medium

Fortunate Farms – Wallenstien manure spreader

Edenberry Farm – 120 stone fruit trees to replace dead trees
Nautilus Ridge Farm – improve irrigation system
Terri’s Garden – improve soil & extend growing season
Seely Farm – rehab community cold storage

The Forest People – passive recapture area (to increase mushroom production)

–2018 Farm Grant Awardees —

Buckeye Ridge Ranch $1,200 Fencing to add a fruit orchard
Fairall’s Farm $1,500 Plant start seed and support to expand the Redwood Valley Farmers’ Market selection
Green Uprising Farm $1,900 Cold storage unit to help preserve food
Cinnamon Bear Farms $2,500 Completion of a portable cold storage unit
Nature’s Tune Farm $2,800 Labor and back saving transplanting hardware
Mendocino Grain Project $3,000 Soil amendments for new grain fields
Mendocino Organics/Mendocino Meats $3,000 New livestock to repopulate grazing areas with replaced post-fire fencing
New Agrarian Collective: Livestock $3,000 Increased freezer capacity
New Agrarian Collective: Produce $4,200 An efficiency increasing tractor
Forest People $6,000 A second mushroom house to provide backup and increase production – Sonoma Clean Power Foundation Grant
Irene’s Garden Produce $6,000 A larger more efficient tractor to allow multitasking and increase efficiency – Frey Vineyards Foundation Grant
Nye Ranch $6,000 “Gator” to save backs and time hauling supplements in and produce out of the field
Total $41,100

— 2017 Farm Grant Awardees —

Nature’s Tune Farm | Point Arena
This farm has been operating with a borrowed, inappropriately sized tractor, which is also unavailable at critical times of the season.  This equipment will enable the farm to plant earlier and replant beds more rapidly, and maximize use of their land.  The farm expects to be able to expand production by 3 months and replant each of their beds with one additional crop succession. 


Tequio Community Farm
| Willits
This grant will enable Tequio Community Farm to build a nursery greenhouse with shade covering.  A functional nursery greenhouse will allow this model small farm to produce healthy seedlings early and late to extend the farm’s productivity.

New Agrarian Collective, Joshua Sternberg | Willits
This grant will build a natural building cold storage facility.  This facility is intended to become a training opportunity and model a low-cost, local-material cold storage option.  On farm cold-storage will enable one of the most promising farms in the county to expand production and bring the highest quality crops to market, as well as follow good food safety practices for wholesaling to larger buyers.

New Agrarian Collective, Ruthie King | Willits
School of Adaptive Agriculture Director Ruthie King has been managing livestock operations on behalf of the school for a few years.  Now she is ready to buy the stock, lease the land, and start a business that provides local protein and integrates moving animals through the diverse ag operations happening at Ridgewood Ranch… she just needs a good livestock trailer, which this grant will purchase.

Cerro Negro Farm | Redwood Valley
Our premier local strawberry farm, Cerro Negro needs to upgrade and replace irrigation systems and purchase mulching.  New irrigation will maximize efficient use of their farm land and increase productivity.  Mulching will substantially reduce weeding labor.

Nye Ranch | Fort Bragg
This grant will purchase a professional quality propagation high tunnel.  The farm’s production is significantly hampered by its current facilities, which flood and otherwise inhibit start growth.  A new tunnel will enable more vigorous and earlier starts.  It will also enable the farm to continue its very successful community spring plant sale — an important source of early season income for the farm, and a source of healthy, organic plant starts for home gardeners in Fort Bragg and Mendocino.

Strong Roots Farm | Potter Valley
We will work with Strong Roots to install a cold storage facility that will be a resource for them and other Potter Valley area small produce farms.  This facility will increase produce quality and alleviate the farm’s current primary bottleneck for expanded fruit and vegetable production.  The Good Farm Fund is partnering with the Food Hub to provide resources for this project.

Anderson Valley Community Farm | Boonville
Anderson Valley Community Farm is an anchor for the Anderson Valley small farm community.  With diversified operation and 50 acres available, it could become a major local food producer.  This grant will help tackle one of the biggest small farm problems: worker housing.  The grant will provide water, electric and kitchen facilities for worker housing.  Significantly improved housing options should help recruit and retain quality farm labor, the lack of which has been a major roadblock to expanded production at the farm.

Green Uprising Farm | Willits
Green Uprising is at the center of the local food movement in Willits.  For years, they have been the sole producer of greens for the majority of the Willits Farmers Market season.  They want to keep doing more and need help with greenhouse repairs and a new low tunnel to allow expanded off season and year-round production.

Golden Rule Garden | Willits
The Golden Rule Farm community has done much to support the resurgence of small scale local agriculture, probably in part because they have known the joy of producing for themselves for a long time.  They were true heroes during the Redwood Complex Fires, when Ellen Bartholomew led an effort to cook meals for the surrounding community with ingredients from the Golden Rule Garden, Tequio Farm and the School of Adaptive Agriculture. When the highways were closed and the power was out, they were still able to provide!  This grant will help them expand their seed production business by funding the construction of isolation cages to prevent cross-pollination and enable expanded and improved seed production.

Sakina’s Garden | Fort Bragg
Sakina runs the Mendocino Farmers Market and has been coming on as a major source of plant starts on the coast.  Her main production site flooded in 2015/2016 and she now has found a better location to reinstall her 20’x26′ hoope house, allowing for increased and diversified production.

Irene’s Garden | Laytonville
Irene’s Garden massively increased lettuce production last season, resulting in days of hand-seeding labor.  This grant will buy her a vacuum seeder, equipment that will substantially reduce the labor cost to make the operation more efficient and free up farmer time for other important tasks that will increase production.

Cinnamon Bear Farm | Ukiah
This grant will provide funding for on-farm cold storage for Cinnamon Bear Farm, increasing product quality and production on the farm.

Eliot’s Breads | Willits
Eliot grows grains at Ridgewood Ranch and is baking whole grain sourdough loaves for sale at local markets.  We support his field to loaf thinking, and this small grant for the cost of baking equipment is just a tiny nod at our excitement about local loaves.
— 2016 Farm Grant Awardees —

Anderson Valley Community Farm| Boonville
rant for AVCF will be used to build a farm stand that will be a pickup location for CSA boxes and a space to shop for value-added products from the farm including jams, pickles, olive oil, soap and herbal teas.  Grant funds will also be used to gravel the driveway, which is in dire need of maintenance to make it welcoming to the public.

Carson & Bees | Mendocino County
Carson & bees has been growing their business every year, splitting healthy hives each spring and therefore forming two hives from one.  Their farm grant will purchase frames to complete sixty new hives, keeping them on track to continue growing this year.

Cinnamon Bear Farm | Calpella
Cinnamon Bear Farm is receiving funding to improve efficiency and production on their farm in 2017.  Funds will be used to build a low-tunnel hoop house for season extension, allowing them to bring a greater variety of crops to market both early and late in the growing season.  Funds will also be used to purchase a Jang seeder, allowing for more efficient direct seeding of crops; as well as landscape fabric, which will aid in keeping the farm weed free, reducing labor and time spent weeding.

Covelo Organic | Covelo
Covelo Organics will be purchasing a dibbler roller for their farm, a tool which makes the process of transplanting starts into the field much more efficient.

Feriera Forest Farms | Ukiah
Grant funds will be used to purchase a supply of best quality seeds for Feriera Forest Farms.

Fortunate Farm | Caspar
Grant funds awarded to Fortunate Farm will help significantly expand their production through the purchase of a vacuum seeder system, which makes the task of seeding flats of starts in the greenhouse much more efficient than doing it by hand. Funds will also go towards the purchase of a new, larger greenhouse — a necessity for the farm to reach their production goals for this season.

Irene’s Garden | Laytonville
Irene’s Garden, one of the largest food producers in the county, is in desperate need of replacement tires for their produce delivery van.  Grant funds will be used to purchase a new set of tires immediately.

Mendocino Meats | Redwood Valley
Mendocino Meats has been expanding their pastured pork program; they are renting a 30-acre pasture where they will be raising 300-350 pigs in 2017.  Their farm grant is helping fund sturdy shade structures for the pigs during summer months.

Mossy Falls Farm | Potter Valley
Mossy Falls Farm will be using their grant to expand their usable land by adding to the existing fencing, which will provide orchard space for more Apple, Pluerry, Peacotum, Pluot and Pomegranate trees, and new areas for watermelon and pumpkin patches.

Nye Ranch | Fort Bragg
The Good Farm Fund is funding the construction of an improved farm stand at Nye Ranch located on scenic Highway 1 north of Fort Bragg.  Grant funds will also be used to purchase a backpack sprayer, an efficient solution for applying compost teas to crops in the field.

Russian Creek Farms/Ben Wolff | Potter Valley
Grant funds will be used to help fence in 8 acres of useable farmland, which will increase the amount of pasture for pigs currently being raised and increase the farm’s capacity for vegetable production by 50%.

Sisters’ Ridge Farm | Redwood Valley
Sisters’ Ridge currently sells fresh eggs at the Ukiah Farmers’ Market and Ukiah Natural Foods. They are growing their laying flock this year, and grant funds will be used to help build a chicken tractor as a way of rotating the chickens through their pasture.

Strong Roots Farm | Potter Valley
Strong Roots Farm will be adding a cold storage space to their farm this year, helping keep crops fresh and at peak quality before delivery to their customers.  The Good Farm Fund is helping fund this project, which will provide a vital piece of infrastructure for Strong Roots Farm, and will also be available for other farmers in Potter Valley to use.

Tequio Community Farm | Willits
Tequio Community Farm has had great success utilizing greenhouses for season extension and plans to rely on them even more this year to increase the quantity and variety of crops available.  The Good Farm Fund is helping fund the construction of a new, larger greenhouse to add to the existing structures at the farm.

— 2015 Farm Grant Awardees —

Black Dog Farm | $1200
Black Dog Farm received a grant for drought-sensitive irrigation supplies & seed stock to aid in their farm expansion.

Bob Gates Organics | $1,000
The Farm Grant for Bob Gates Organics was used for a new section of deer fencing, adding a substantial amount of useable land to Bob Gate’s existing farm.

Covelo Organics | $1,200
Covelo Organics was in dire need of office equipment; their Farm Grant purchased a computer, meaning they are able to easily utilize the MendoLake Food Hub, communicate with customers via e-mail, and reach a larger customer base by marketing on social media.

The Grange School of Adaptive Agriculture | $350
The Grange School raises meat chickens, both for sale and as part of their instruction; one of the many valuable skills that they teach their students is humane chicken slaughtering.  Their Farm Grant purchased a chicken scalder, one of the pieces in a new and improved set-up for this process.

Green Uprising Farm | $785
The Farm Grant for Green Uprising Farm went to purchase a new set up hand tools – a basic necessity for a working farm – meaning that now there are enough tools for everyone to use and that they all work well.

Milagro Bean Collective | $500
The Milagro Bean Collective in Upper Lake aims to grow as many storable calories as possible every year in the form of beans and heirloom field corn; their grant purchased seed stock for this years’ expanded crop.

Noyo Food Forest | $350
The Farm Grant for Noyo Food Forest purchased interior infrastructure for their new greenhouse.

Red Giant Farms | $1000
Red Giant Farms is doing valuable work with chicken breeding and is a local source for baby chicks, meaning that our community doesn’t have to order live chicks shipped through the mail if they want to keep chickens. Their farm grant purchased a chicken brooder.

Tequio Community Farm | $715
This Farm Grant purchased a Jang JP-1 Seeder and a Pottiputki #55 Planter to streamline the seeding and planting process, aiding in Tequio’s goal of tripling their food production this year.